Starching Your Crochet

Items to be starched should be damp so that the solution can saturate more evenly and
quickly. Cover shapes being used or surfaces with plastic wrap; the wrap will not stick to
the item. Be very sure that your pins are rustproof; all stiffeners tend to make pins rust
more quickly. It is advisable to test any stiffener before using, because sometimes it can
cause discolouration of the item.

Sugar and Water Solution:
Mix equal parts of sugar and water in small pan; heat or bring to a boil so sugar is melted.
Remove from heat and let cool. Immerse the item in the solution; squeeze out excess.
Shape, pin as needed and let dry thoroughly. Sugar is not recommended for any
seasonal item that will be stored. Mice love sugar and will eat the whole thing!! Sugar can
be washed out and redone as needed.

When I was younger there was dry laundry starch and liquid but I haven’t seen those in
years unfortunately because they worked great for doilies. We do have spray starch and
it is very good for doilies etc. as it gives just enough body so the flat doily will hold it’s
shape. Lay the doily right side down on towel, spray with starch, shape and let dry. Press
if needed.

White Glue:
A mixture of two parts water to one part white glue works well for small items such as
snowflakes. Saturate the item, squeeze out the excess and shape. Let dry completely.

Sugar, starch and white glue can be washed out and redone whenever needed.

I welcome any other ideas for stiffening your project just drop me an email with your
suggestions and I will add them to this list.
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