Free Crochet Patterns From Me To You
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Fringe Patterns For Afghans
Fringe Patterns For Afghans

Basic Instructions:
Cut a piece of cardboard about 6” wide and half as long as specified in
instructions for strands plus ½” for trimming allowance. Wind yarn loosely and
evenly lengthwise around cardboard. When card is filled, cut yarn across one
end. Do this several times, then begin fringing; you can wind additional
strands as you need them.

Single Knot Fringe:
Hold Specified number of strands for one knot of fringe together, then fold in
half. Hold project with right side facing you. Use crochet hook to draw folded
end through space or stitch from right to wrong side. (Figs 44 and 45); pull
loose ends through folded section (Fig 46) and draw knot up firmly (Fig 47).
Space knots as indicated in pattern instructions. Trim ends of fringe evenly.

Spaghetti Fringe:
Tie each knot with just one strand of yarn. Use same knotting method as
Single Knot Fringe.

Double Knot Fringe:
Begin by working Single Knot Fringe completely across one end of afghan.
With right side facing you and working from left to right, take half the strands
of one knot and half the strands in the knot next to it and knot them together.
(Fig 48)

Triple Knot Fringe:
First work Double Knot Fringe. Then working again on the right side from left
to right, tie third row of knots. (Fig 49)