Moms  Crocheted Afghans
Cobblestone Afghan
Cobblestones Afghan

Materials: 4 Ply Acrylic Yarn 8 oz Skeins - 8 Skeins
Crochet Hook Size H or 5.00 mm
Tapestry Needle

Ch 166.
Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each rem ch across–165 dc. Turn.
Rows 2-4: Ch 1, sc in each sc across. Turn.
Row 5: Ch 1, sc in next 3 sts, [* sc in next st, puff st (yo, insert hook into
st, draw up ½ in. Lp, yo, draw through 2 lps on hook] twice, yo, draw
through 3 lps on hook) in next st; rep from * 9 times, sc in next 3 sc]; rep
between [ ]s across rem sts to last st, sc in last st. Turn.
Note: There should be 7 groups of 10 puff sts with 4 sc between each
group and 4 sc at beg and end of row.
Row 6: Ch 1, sc in each st across–165 sc. Turn.
Rows 7-24: Rep rows 5 and 6 nine times.
Rows 25-28: Rep row 2.
Repeat rows 5-28 eight times. Fasten off at end of last row. Weave in
Knot three 14-in yarn lengths folded in half in first st and every other st
along short ends of afghan.
Rep fringe with two 14-in yarn lengths in rem skipped sts along short
ends of afghan. Trim ends